Photos from La Verna, Assisi and Florence -- December 2005

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December 19 - I arrive at Santuaro della Verna, and walk around the grounds. I see a sunset. Color - at Mystic
December 20 - A day trip in the winter to Assisi. Then the next day I hike up Mt. La Verna behind the MonasteryBlack and White
December 21 - Still on Mt. La Verna. Nicola is another guest at the Monastery. Another day trip to Assisi. The last day, one last walk around the monasteryColor - at Mystic
December 23 - 26 - Last day at Monastery. Then to Florence with Janelle.Black and White
December 28 - 29 - Florence has the most snow it has had in 20 years!! Julie and Janelle, and Janelle's sister Julie, walk in the snow. We see the tomb of Michaelangelo. Color - at Mystic
If you are interested in the Santuaro della Verna, they have a web site. Santuario della Verna