Photos from Burkina Faso and Mali, West Africa -- February 2004

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February 13 - From Paris, France, Europe, to Mahon, Burkina Faso, West Africa.Color - at Mystic
February 15-18 - In Mahon, Caroline's Village. I arrive and everyone wants their picture taken. Note that I decided to not put up the images of the childbirth. Black and White
February 18 - In the morning, I see a child being born. The women clean him and rub him with Shea butter.Color - at Mystic
February 18 - In Mahon, Caroline's Village. We go to visit M. Bougouzanga, who is about 70 years old, fought with the French in various West African Wars, and returned to Mahon to write its history. new 4/18Black and White
February 18 - In Mahon, Caroline's Village. More pictures from our visit with M. Bougouzanga. Color - at Mystic
February 19 - In Mahon, Caroline's Village. We walk through the village, on the way to the Market. We greet everyone we see, with the formal Senafou greeting.Black and White
February 21 - In the morning, Yargagnan and Fargo see us off. We head to Kaicedra, where we hope to see some elephantsColor - at Mystic
February 22 - From Kaicedra, Burkina Faso, to Dogon, Mali.Color - at Mystic
February 24 - Hiking in Dogon; For hundreds of years, the Tellem inhabited the Dogon region, when it was lush and green. Vines grew on the cliffs, enabling them to climb high and construct small buildings for their fetishes, which needed frequent sacrifices of animal blood. Then the Dogon built their homes in the cliffs, leaving them when the water dried up.Black and White
February 25 - Hiking in Dogon. To Begnetowo.Color - at Mystic
February 27 - Hiking in Dogon. Ibrahim is our guide. Fortunately, he does not sacrifice us to the fetishes.Color - at Mystic
Caroline's pictures. Mahon You don't need to create a userid, just click on the picture.Color - at Ofoto
Caroline's pictures. Dogon Mali Color - at Ofoto